10 unforgettable moments in AFF Cup history
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10 unforgettable moments in AFF Cup history

Opening match between Malaysia – Singapore (Tiger Cup 1996).

Noh Alam Shah scored seven goals against Laos (AFF Cup 2007).

Noh Alam Shah holds the record for scoring in a single match at the AFF Cup and is the highest scorer in AFF Cup history.

At the end of that year’s tournament, Singapore was crowned champion and this striker won the title of top scorer with 10 goals.

Indonesia stunned Vietnam in the semi-finals (Tiger Cup 2000).

Gendut Doni Christiawan opened the scoring in the 39th minute, but Nguyen Hong Son quickly equalized 1-1 at the end of the first half.

Sasi Kumar’s shoulder goal (Tiger Cup 1998).

10 unforgettable moments in AFF Cup history

Central defender Sasi Kumar scored a strange goal with his shoulder to help Singapore win the 1998 Tiger Cup.

It was a match where the team played very well, creating many opportunities but not once taking advantage of them successfully.

Historic victory of Philippine naturalized stars (AFF Cup 2010).

First hat-trick in the final (Tiger Cup 2000).

10 unforgettable moments in AFF Cup history

Tall striker Woorawoot Srimaka.

The match was soon decided after the first 32 minutes.

Tanongsak’s goal in the middle of the second half sealed the 4-1 victory, and brought Thailand to its second championship after three times hosting the tournament.

Myanmar defeated host Malaysia (Tiger Cup 2004).

Cong Vinh’s historic header (AFF Cup 2008).

10 unforgettable moments in AFF Cup history

Cong Vinh’s decisive goal (white shirt) at My Dinh Stadium brought the championship to Vietnam at the 2008 AFF Cup.

After a 2-1 victory at Thailand’s Rajamangala Stadium, the Vietnamese team was led 1-0 at home in the second leg at My Dinh from Teerasil Dangda’s goal in the 21st minute. But, in the fourth minute of injury time,

Malaysia’s first championship (AFF Cup 2010).

Singapore’s lucky championship (Tiger Cup 1998).

10 unforgettable moments in AFF Cup history

Singapore’s 1998 Tiger┬áCup championship benefited from the controversial Thailand – Indonesia match in the group stage.

Frustrated by the two teams’ lack of fair play, the whole of Asia stood behind Singapore in the match against Indonesia.

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