3 famous Western hot pot dishes
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3 famous Western hot pot dishes

On cool days, when everyone gathers around to eat hot hot pot, there’s nothing like it.

1. Crab porridge hot pot

To have a delicious crab porridge hotpot, the type of crab chosen for processing is the most important factor.

The hot pot is also added with straw mushrooms, purple onions, and chives to add flavor.

Delicious crab porridge hotpot served with many types of vegetables.

2. Bitter vegetable fish sauce hotpot

Just one sip of the broth from the fish sauce hot pot and I guarantee you will never forget its rich flavor.

The fish sauce for this dish must have at least three types: fish sauce, fish sauce, and fish sauce.

3 famous Western hot pot dishes

The seafood is pre-laid out on a plate, only when it’s time to eat do you put it in a pot of boiling¬†broth.

3. Sesbania Ganoderma fish hotpot

The West enters the floating season from September to November every year.

The fresh ling fish is cleaned and marinated with rich spices, coconut water is added to the hot pot to cook, marinated with a little tamarind for a sour taste and then seasoned to taste.

3 famous Western hot pot dishes

Dip the Sesbania flowers into the hot pot then take them out and eat immediately to retain the crispness and sweetness of the flowers.

The western provinces are also known as the Mekong Delta.

The west is not far from Ho Chi Minh City, so you can travel by motorbike, bus or high-quality tourist car.

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