Binh Duong businesses are struggling to revive
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Binh Duong businesses are struggling to revive

Binh Duong is one of the localities with the largest number of businesses damaged after the recent destruction.

`We are waiting for Binh Duong province to complete the site investigation and assess the damage to have appropriate tax support policies. Up to this point, more than 90% of businesses have resumed operations,`

Leaders of Binh Duong Tax Department work with the General Department of Taxation on supporting businesses suffering losses.

According to the survey, many businesses that were severely affected by burned factories opened their doors to welcome workers back on the morning of May 26.

At ChuTex International Company (100% foreign capital, specializing in the production of t-shirts for export), there were 6,000 workers who suffered heavy losses due to factory fires.

On the first day the business resumed operations, many delegations representing local authorities came to share and encourage.

Binh Duong businesses are struggling to revive

Workers repainted the company’s name.

To encourage workers to return to work, businesses commit that during the recent days off (May 13-25), workers will still receive 100% of their basic salary (2.7 million VND a month) so that they can

`After receiving Official Dispatch 207 and other opinions from the People’s Committee of Binh Duong province, we want to take specific actions. For example, supporting businesses with 50% of the total basic salary that the company must pay.

With more than 18,000 square meters of burned factory area, Mr. Thi estimates it will take 4 months to rebuild.

Binh Duong businesses are struggling to revive

On May 26, more than 85% of ChuTex workers returned to work.

Businesses also said that the unfortunate event was not committed by their workers but by outside extremists who organized destruction at night.

Some other businesses hope to receive tax exemptions and reductions in the near future in accordance with the policy and urgently need access to preferential loans to restore production.

Regarding overcoming difficulties, the Ministry of Finance has just issued a document guiding solutions to support businesses suffering losses.

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