The secret of the disabled female spy codenamed `wolf`
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The secret of the disabled female spy codenamed `wolf`

During World War II, behind the fierce battles and glorious victories of the Allies, there could not have been the quiet contributions of beautiful and talented female spies, one of whom was `pink shadow`.

Even with only `one leg`, she was brave, courageous and strategic, causing the German fascist army to fail miserably during sieges.

The youth of spy Virginia Hall

Virginia (1906-1982) was born into a `well off` family in the city of Baltimore, Maryland (USA).

Virginia Hall’s French certificate (Source: British National Archives)

After working at several foreign embassies in the US, she intended to try for a job at the US State Department, but she was rejected.

In 1933, while working at the US Embassy in Türkiye, she was invited to join friends on a hunting trip.

When her friends took her to the hospital, the doctor ordered her leg to be amputated to save her life.

Refusing to accept her fate, she returned to America and began training to be able to do almost everything she had ever done before.

Join the British Intelligence Agency (SOE)

Immediately after France declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939, Virginia Hall joined the French ambulance corps known as the Sanitaires de I’Armee.

In June 1940, France surrendered to the Nazis and their policy against European Jews, and Virginia decided to go to the United Kingdom.

The British Intelligence Agency (SOE) is an organization established to train spies with outstanding bravery and ability to carry out special actions and penetrate the enemy’s lair.

After completing the SOE training program, Ms. Virginia officially became a spy in April 1941, with the code name Germaine.

Normally, SOE only places spies in this field for 6 months, but Ms. Hall spent 15 months working in Lyon (France) in the role of organizing, financing, supplying and equipping the French resistance.

In addition, she also served as a `courier`, specializing in transporting news and documents to other SOE spies in the southern region of France.

Mrs. Hall is a master of `hiding` and `disguising` skills, and her pursuers never found out who Germaine was.

Virgina Hall quickly fell into the sights of the Fascists and was at the top of the `wanted` list, there was even a large-scale campaign to round up and take her life as announced by the notorious Gestapo boss:

To leave safely, there was no other way for Ms. Virginia Hall to brave the difficulties of walking on wooden legs in the winter snow, climbing roads through the Pyrenees Mountains to enter Spain during the 20-day wilderness journey.

Not wanting to rest, she almost immediately returned to her usual activities.

Therefore, the next mission assigned to her by SOE was to go to the capital Madrid (Spain, May 1943) to work secretly as a reporter for the Chicago Tribune.

In July 1943, she was awarded the status of Member of the British Empire (MBE) for her outstanding contributions to the Allies.

The secret of the disabled female spy codenamed `wolf`

In September 1945, Virginia Hall was awarded the Cross of Merit (Source: Getty)

With her great contributions in helping the Allies win on many fronts (attacking and liberating France; destroying the enemy’s communication and transportation lines, together with her comrades, she captured and killed her).

Switched to work for the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Returning to the US after World War II, Virginia Hall tried to join the State Department again in March 1946 but was still rejected on the grounds that the country was in a period of `budget cuts`.

The secret of the disabled female spy codenamed `wolf`

US spy Virginia Hall was an important figure in World War II (Source: NC)

She continued to work for 2 years in Europe (1947 – 1948) and then returned to the US to work for the CIA’s National Committee in New York City.

After retiring, she and her husband Paul Goillot returned to live on the farm in Barnestown, Maryland (USA).

She was awarded noble medals by the Allied British and French governments for her victories during her intelligence career.

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