French veteran shares memories of Dien Bien Phu
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French veteran shares memories of Dien Bien Phu

65 years have passed, the young French soldiers who participated in the battle at Dien Bien Phu are now around 90 years old.

Some people have passed away, others are no longer sane.

Colonel Jacques Allaire responded to VOV reporters.

In a lovely apartment in the city of Tours in central France, 250km from Paris, Colonel Jacques Allaire still keeps in his mind what happened at Dien Bien Phu 65 years ago.

The young soldier Allaire of that day later recounted in books about Dien Bien Phu that he wished he could dig into the ground when he had to endure the apocalyptic artillery bombardments of the Vietnam People’s Army.

`I still remember a few days before the battle broke out on March 13, the French commanders came to inspect Dien Bien Phu for the last time. General Navarre asked General De Castres if he had enough men? Do you want me to command you?`

Then General Navarre asked a Colonel who commanded artillery, who later died in the battle, if intelligence said that the Vietnamese army had artillery, did you know that?

Unlike Jacques Allaire, who had certain knowledge about the Viet Minh soldiers and the Indochina battlefield since 1945, more than 65 years ago, Pierre Bonny was just a first-class paratrooper, ordered to jump into Dien Bien Phu at the time of his death.

And he was not surprised at the reason for the victory of the Vietnamese army.

In fact, the French planes were unable to provide reinforcements for a long time and were pinned on the ground by the artillery of the Viet Minh army.

Having been taken prisoner, Mr. Bonny did not hold any hatred in himself, because as he said, the Viet Minh soldiers had no intention of harming him and he had never been physically abused.

In France, most of the former Indochina veterans also acted like Pierre Bonny.

According to Quang Dung


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