11 senators vowed to ‘overturn’ the US election
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11 senators vowed to ‘overturn’ the US election

Texas Senator Ted Cruz and 10 Republican colleagues issued a joint statement on January 2 emphasizing that the November election in the US showed `unprecedented allegations of election fraud and other illegal acts.`

Texas Senator Ted Cruz in Washington in February.

Besides Cruz, the remaining 10 Republican senators include Ron Johnson (Wisconsin), James Lankford (Oklahoma), Steve Daines (Montana), John Kennedy (Louisiana), Marsha Blackburn (Tennessee),

Previously, Missouri Republican senator Josh Hawley also announced that he would object to certifying the election results on the grounds that some states did not comply with their own election laws.

`Voting fraud has posed a persistent challenge in our elections, although its scale and scope are disputed. By any measure, allegations of fraud and irregularity are

`Congress should immediately appoint an Election Commission, with full investigative and fact-finding powers, to urgently count votes within 10 days in disputed states,` the statement said.

Accordingly, 11 Republican senators affirmed that they will not accept electors from disputed states until the 10-day emergency recount is completed.

President Donald Trump and his allies continue to plan to `overturn` the election, despite courts, governors, election officials, the Department of Justice and many agencies in the US government all affirming that they are not looking.

Vice President Mike Pence and President of the Senate on January 6 will chair the meeting to confirm the electoral college vote results and declare the winner of this year’s election.

They planned to submit a replacement list of electors and filed a lawsuit asking a federal judge to declare Vice President Pence the only person with the right to determine electoral votes, thereby declaring Trump the winner.

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