5 symbolic weapons of Soviet defense
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5 symbolic weapons of Soviet defense

The AK gun is one of the most famous weapons of the Soviet Union.

The Soviet army was one of the strongest military forces in the world in the 20th century. The country invested a lot of money in science and technology and industrial production, creating many iconic weapons during the 20th century.


The Avtomat Kalashikova (AK) assault rifle is a simple infantry weapon model, considered one of the legends of the Soviet defense industry.

Many Western experts believe that the AK-47 was inspired by the Nazi Sturmgewehr STG-44 model, while designer Mikhail Kalashnikov completely rejected this assertion.

These properties created an excellent weapon for the Soviet army and allied countries.

Nuclear submarine Project 941 `Akula`

As the largest class of submarines ever built in the world, Project 941 `Akula` (NATO designation: Typhoon) plays an important role in the Soviet Union’s nuclear deterrent force.

5 symbolic weapons of Soviet defense

Submarine Dmitriy Donskoy goes to sea for testing.

The Akula submarine has an innovative design with 20 R-39 Rif ballistic missiles placed in the front, instead of behind the command tower like other Soviet submarines.

A total of 6 Project 941 submarines were built and commissioned for the Soviet Navy in the period 1981-1989.

T-55 main battle tank

From the T-54 medium tank model that proved effective in World War II, the Soviet Union made a series of major improvements, including enhancing the ability to protect the crew against biochemical and nuclear agents (

5 symbolic weapons of Soviet defense

T-55 tank of the Syrian government army

T-55 tank of the Syrian government army

The T-54/55 tank line was the mainstay of the Soviet army from the end of World War II until the T-62 model, its descendant, entered service in 1961. Some experts believe that the tanks

The Soviet Union, along with Eastern European countries and China, built about 42,000-100,000 T-55s.

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