Federer lost the final match of his career
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Federer lost the final match of his career

When the match was only a few points away from ending, Federer was sobbing and almost about to cry.

Nadal also couldn’t hold back his tears, seeing the career of someone who was both a friend and a rival end.

Federer faced many difficulties in the final match of his career, at the 2022 Laver Cup at O2 Stadium, London, England on the evening of September 23.

`I’m passionate about this career,` Federer said between the arms of his teammates.

`I’m not sad, but happy to have overcome this moment,` Federer added, with a choked voice.

The 20-time Grand Slam winner showed signs of being out of breath in the later stages of the match.

Before the match, Sock said that there would only be teammates, family and friends cheering for him in this match.

Federer lost the final match of his career

Federer cried after the match.

Federer said that he had been looking forward to this moment, when everyone would thank him at the end of his career.

After retirement, Federer will spend time on vacation with his family.

Federer lost the final match of his career

Main developments in the match Federer-Nadal lost to Jack Sock-Frances Tiafoe

Main developments in the Federer-Rafael Nadal match lost to Sock-Tiafoe 6-4, 6-7, 8-10.

The defeat of Federer and Nadal caused Europe to be tied 2-2 in the world after the first day of the Laver Cup.

The `express train` reached the terminus and stopped.

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