Former Apple engineer leaks confidential information to the press
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Former Apple engineer leaks confidential information to the press

The Verge said Apple has filed a lawsuit in California state court, accusing Andrew Aude of providing information for many years, during his time working at the company.

Specifically, this person sent thousands of messages to many journalists, including The Information and WSJ.

`According to iPhone data, Aude had more than 1,400 encrypted communications with a journalist at WSJ over approximately 4 months,` Apple’s lawsuit reads.

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The application states that in April 2023, Aude read an email containing the final feature list of an unpublished Apple application.

Another incident in November 2022 showed Aude providing details about Apple’s regulatory compliance strategy to a WSJ journalist, calling this `top secret` information, not disclosed outside of Apple.

In the lawsuit, the company also cited evidence that in October 2020, the former iOS engineer revealed product development on spatial computing, despite Apple’s efforts to keep this project a secret.

Apple said it had discovered Aude’s `wrongdoing` by the end of 2023. On November 7, 2023, while discussing related issues, the former iOS engineer used the excuse to go to the bathroom to leave the room and delete

In another meeting on December 12 last year, Aude admitted his behavior.

Aude joined Apple in 2016, working as an iOS software engineer, in charge of optimizing battery performance, among other things.

Before being fired at the end of 2023, the former iOS engineer was promoted many times.

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