Hoang Quyen sings better thanks to love
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Hoang Quyen sings better thanks to love

During the press conference to introduce the CD `The door smells like sunshine`, Hoang Quyen revealed that she is in love but because she is young, she is afraid to share.

Music lecturer Ha Thuy – the person who discovered Hoang Quyen and also supported Van Mai Huong when she started her artistic path – also said that young people like her should not show off their love to anyone.

Hoang Quyen made the album with the money she saved from singing.

In addition to her feelings for her boyfriend, while making a CD of 8 compositions by musician Le Minh Son, Hoang Quyen also took inspiration from her own mother.

However, the spirit in Hoang Quyen’s first music product is very strong.

Having known musician Le Minh Son since he was 16 years old, Hoang Quyen has always received favor and dedicated help from his teacher.

Le Minh Son affirmed: `I always love your singing, stay by your side, protect you.`

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