Ninh Thuan beach travel guide
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Ninh Thuan beach travel guide

Ninh Thuan is not only famous for its ancient Cham temples or poetic flocks of sheep, but also for its pristine beaches that captivate many tourists who have ever set foot there.

Travel time

Ninh Thuan is on the South Central Coast, where there are vast white salt fields and beautiful pristine beaches.


Visitors can come to Ninh Thuan by private car, bus, plane, or train departing from Hanoi, Saigon or Da Nang.

Plane: Stop is Cam Ranh airport, then travel by bus to Ninh Thuan.

Train: Visitors can buy tickets at any station on Thong Nhat trains, the stop is Thap Cham station.

Car: You should choose this vehicle if departing from Saigon.


In addition to luxury accommodations like Amanoi Ninh Thuan, you can choose affordable motels and hotels priced at 200,000 – 250,000 VND on Ngo Gia Tu and Thong Nhat streets… Motorbikes are available for rent at budget motels.

Main sightseeing directions

Departing from Phan Rang city, tourists follow Nguyen Van Cu and Truong Chinh streets.

After enjoying seafood and the blue sea of Vinh Hy, tourists board the boat and head straight to Hang Rai.

Saying goodbye to Binh Tien, you follow the winding mountain pass to get to Highway 1A.

Beautiful coastal road when coming to Vinh Hy.


Enjoy Vinh Hy seafood: This is a great destination for you and your family on hot summer days.

After enjoying the colorful coral rocks, visitors will go to the seafood raft house.

Ninh Thuan beach travel guide

Vinh Hy Bay, a destination for many backpackers who love to explore.

Photo hunting at Hang Rai: This place is a familiar destination for many photographers and backpackers who love novelty and adventure.

In addition, on undulating afternoons, visitors can relax with a fishing rod and when the tide recedes, exercise a little by prying moon screws around the edges of the rocks.

Stroll around the pristine Binh Tien beach: Binh Tien has long been compared to a `sleeping princess`, due to being endowed with a wild beauty with blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine.

In the morning, visitors can gently walk or find a small corner to watch the sunrise.

Ninh Thuan beach travel guide

Binh Tien Beach still has many wild and quiet features.

Gifts to buy

Fresh grapes, grape wine, grape nectar and Phan Rang apples are suitable choices.


Do not litter on the beaches where you go.

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