The life of the first beauty queen in Vietnam
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The life of the first beauty queen in Vietnam

Her name is Cong Thi Nghia, but the more familiar name to the crowd is Thu Trang.

Thu Trang took a photo of her coronation as Miss Vietnam in 1955.

Since her teenage years, she has been passionate about writing and journalism, especially researching history.

After serving her sentence in this prison for a while, she was transferred to Large Prison – Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City General Library – Ly Tu Trong Street, District 1).

After leaving prison, with an existing vocabulary, she took a short course and began working as a journalist, specializing in writing about arts and culture.

In 1955, the Ngo Dinh Diem government announced that it would organize a beauty contest, the jury of this contest included many celebrities, intellectuals, and journalists.

On May 20, 1955, on the occasion of the Hai Ba Trung anniversary, at the Lido theater in Cho Lon area, the Miss Vietnam contest took place.

Due to the concept at that time, there was no swimsuit competition during the beauty pageant.

Ms. Thu Trang won the title of Miss, with parameters that at this time are very difficult to meet, especially in terms of height.

The reward for the title of Miss that she owned was a Lambretta motorbike, gold stirrups, perfume and many famous cosmetics. Just like the current trend, she became an actress in many Saigon films.

In early 1957, she and director Tong Ngoc Hap brought the film Luc Van Tien to Japan for post-production.

The life of the first beauty queen in Vietnam

Mrs. Thu Trang and her son in France.

In her memoir, she confided in quite a bit of detail about this hopeless love affair, writing: `At the age of 25, I became a woman in tragic circumstances. Being put in situations where I felt I had

Returning to Saigon, she continuously suffered criticism from public opinion.

As a beauty, on the rise to fame, she suddenly fell into the situation of `having no husband but having children`, but that did not cause her charm to the opposite sex to wane.

Artists and writers in Saigon guessed that Bui Giang’s strange and famous poem `There are two eyes, one person cries` was written for her alone.

Poet Bui Giang also wrote many other poems for her, some published, some not.

Artist Buu Y published a poem copied by the artist that poet Bui Giang made especially for her, titled Thu Trang, with sentences imbued with feelings of despair and resentment: `The page of an old piece of paper.`

The life of the first beauty queen in Vietnam

Dr. Thu Trang during a lecture in Vietnam.

With Law 10/59, the Ngo Dinh Diem government began the process of reviewing the crimes of all those who participated in the revolution.

Coming to France, she did not participate in any artistic or cinematic activities. Instead, she returned to her girlhood passion of writing and researching history.

For many reasons, during her time studying and living in France, she did not reveal her identity as a beauty queen. Only a very few people knew that she was the first beauty queen in Vietnam.

She wrote in her memoir about Bui Giang on a rainy day when he visited her, when the poet knew she was about to go to France.

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