38 US warships are present in Asia
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38 US warships are present in Asia

These warships are patrolling the Indo-Pacific region, including the East Sea, Vice Admiral Scott Conn, commander of the US Navy’s 3rd Fleet, said in a telephone press conference with reporters.

`We always monitor exercises in the region, including China’s recent exercises, and are ready to respond to any threats with our allies and partners,` Mr. Conn replied when asked.

`We will continue to operate wherever international law allows to demonstrate our commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific region,` the US vice admiral added.

US warships and allies participated in the RIMPAC 2020 exercise on August 21.

Sources close to the Chinese military previously said a DF-26B missile was launched from Qinghai province in northwest China, while a DF-21D missile was fired from Zhejiang province in the east of the country.

The move took place after China said on August 25 that the US U-2 reconnaissance plane had `provocative actions` when moving into the `no-fly zone, where live fire exercises of the War Zone were taking place.`

China’s Ministry of National Defense affirmed that recent exercises were not aimed at any country.

The US announced its stance on the East Sea issue in early July, rejecting almost all of China’s sovereignty claims in this area.

The Chinese military has recently held many drills and exercises in waters surrounding the country.

The US military in recent months has also stepped up operations in the Asia-Pacific region.

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