Protests against Trump continue in the US
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Protests against Trump continue in the US

Protesters protested Mr. Trump in front of the White House yesterday.

Dozens of students at Texas State University protested on campus, holding signs like `Make America Free Again,` chanting `What do we need? Love! When do we want it?

Some arguments occurred with Trump supporters blending into the crowd, but the protest remained generally peaceful, USA Today reported.

The day before, a series of leaflets appeared in bathrooms across the school, warning that a group calling themselves Mr. Trump’s `guard team` would `arrest and torture the student leaders` who started the riot.

In Chicago, a video on social media showed a 49-year-old man being beaten by a group of passing anti-Trump youths.

More than 1,000 high school students in San Francisco also skipped school yesterday morning and marched across the city to express their frustration.

At Michigan State University and the University of Tennessee, more than 1,000 students also chanted `Love Trumps Hate` and held signs expressing anger at the election results.

Protests also took place in Columbus, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and other places on the evening of November 10, a day after thousands of people took to the streets in more than 10 cities to protest Mr. Trump’s victory.

Protests against Trump continue in the US

Students protested in front of city hall in San Francisco, California yesterday.

Voters and civil rights activists said they planned to continue expressing their outrage even as Mr. Trump and his team began their takeover of power in the White House.

When Mr. Trump met President Obama yesterday afternoon at the White House, dozens of protesters also gathered outside.

`We, the civil rights leaders, are ready to stand with him in support of policies that speak to our country’s values. But we are also ready to stand before him and confront this administration if

Some protesters hope Mr. Trump will listen to their voices and not take office as president, or will be prosecuted after entering the White House.

`What we are trying to express is that Mr. Trump is not the right person to be president. We do not support anything he says or does,` said a protest organizer in Columbus.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said yesterday that protesters were exercising their constitutional right to freedom of speech.

`The president believes that this is a right that needs to be protected, it is a right that needs to be exercised without violence,` he said.

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