‘TikTok army’ supports Biden to confront Trump
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‘TikTok army’ supports Biden to confront Trump

`This election is not just about politics, it’s about social norms and what we want for our country. It’s much broader than traditional politics,` Aidan Kohn-Murphy

This is why more and more young Americans like Kohn-Murphy are using TikTok as a weapon to prevent President Donald Trump’s re-election, as well as campaign to vote for candidate Joe Biden.

`Teens are realizing that their rights, for better or worse, come from politics. I think people under 18 are realizing how they can get involved in political issues and

Recently on TikTok, a short video recording application with more than a billion users globally, many accounts simultaneously changed their profile pictures to an image with the slogan `Generation Z for Biden` between a rainbow and a small heart.

The logo was designed by the group `TikTok for Biden`, to mobilize support for the Democratic presidential candidate.

Kohn-Murphy and Brendan Radecki, an 18-year-old content creator in Oklahoma, founded this group, bringing together about 350 stars and content creators on TikTok, with a total number of followers of about 150 million.

`Age shouldn’t stop you from participating in what’s going on, or trying to mobilize others to get involved. Just because you can’t vote doesn’t mean you shouldn’t participate in the election,` Julia

The group was formed after the first presidential debate on September 29 and began posting publicly after the vice presidential debate on October 7.

Politics has always been a popular topic of discussion on TikTok, but it has really exploded as the US presidential election neared.

`I’ve learned a lot from TikTok, I feel like this is a really good environment for young people to have a true vision of people’s opinions, as well as why they fight for specific things,` Gilbert Dabady

According to members of this group’s leadership, their goal is to raise funds for Biden’s campaign, along with candidates in lower-level elections and organizations such as Black Lives Matter, and at the same time

Although TikTok for Biden is not the only political advocacy account on the social media platform, their rapidly growing support appears to reflect the thinking of late millennials.

According to the NBC News/Quibi national online survey of millennials and Gen Z, conducted after the first presidential debate and after Trump announced he tested positive for nCoV,

The survey also showed that 64% of generation Z voters prefer Biden to Trump, far ahead of 22% who have the opposite opinion.

Previously, the turnout rate of young voters was quite low.

With the election just over two weeks away, members of the TikTok for Biden group said they felt it was important to get Gen Z to not only be enthusiastic about the former US vice president, but also become a platform of support.

`Even if Biden is not our dream candidate, everyone still knows that he is much better than Trump. We need to do everything we can to get him elected,` Kohn-Murphy said.

'TikTok army' supports Biden to confront Trump

Members of the TikTok for Biden group posted campaign videos for the Democratic candidate.

Similar TikTok accounts supporting the US President also exist, such as an account called `Teens for Trump`, but only attract more than 6,200 followers.

These accounts are not only where content creators express support for the two US presidential candidates, but also check the authenticity of information, update news and act as

`Our mission is to attract more young people of generation Z, because I think people don’t realize how big a role politics plays in everyday life, as well as every decision you make.

Rafizadeh added that TikTok should not become the main source of information for anyone.

As for members of the TikTok for Biden group, this social network brings together people of the age group they have the most hope for, and is also the best place to mobilize support for Biden.

`Creating and following political content is extremely important, because it really helps you educate yourself about what’s happening in the world,` commented Brooklynne Webb, a 16-year-old TikTok star.

Webb said joining the group and campaigning for Biden is important, given America’s global influence, especially on issues like climate change.

The group’s main goal is to help Biden win against Trump in November. However, they also hope to demonstrate the strength of the younger generation, regardless of the election outcome.

`We’re here to demonstrate to adults that young people, whether they can vote or not, can participate in politics and make significant change,` Kohn-Murphy said.

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