American experts worry that Trump will destroy the election results if he loses
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American experts worry that Trump will destroy the election results if he loses

Billionaire Trump is said to have performed well in the first part of the debate.

`In all cases, the unelected presidential candidate always accepts defeat and agrees to cooperate with the winner. That tradition is of great importance, refusing to commit is very harmful to the country.`

During the third live debate with Hillary Clinton, when the host asked him whether he accepted the election results or not, billionaire Trump prevaricated and did not give an answer.

`At that time, I will consider. What I saw was bad, the media was also bad. They poisoned the minds of voters but unfortunately for them, voters saw through it all,` Mr. Trump

When the moderator continued to press to get to the point, the billionaire said, `At that time I will speak… I will let everyone wait in suspense.`

According to expert Cassino, the American billionaire came to the final debate with the mindset of having to overcome a difficult challenge: having to win back a number of voters who did not lean strongly towards either side and Republican members who turned

Mr. Trump did this task well in the first 30 minutes of the debate, talking about the Republican Party’s views on issues such as gun control and abortion, even his language was more vivid than that of the debate.

However, according to Mr. Cassino, Mr. Trump’s advantages at the beginning of the debate did not mean much.

`The two clips we can see flooding in after the debate are when Mr. Trump calls Mrs. Clinton an `evil woman` and the part where he refuses to commit to accepting the outcome of the election if he loses. Statement of

Commenting on the atmosphere of the debate between the two candidates today, Dr. Chris Haynes, University of New Haven, described it as a story with two distinct parts.

Even so, Mr. Haynes said Trump supporters will still love his performance and Mrs. Clinton’s supporters will love her too.

`While Americans may disagree vehemently about their choice of president, all can breathe a sigh of relief that this election is almost over,` Haynes said.

Professor Brian Gaines, an expert at the University of Illinois, said Mr. Trump performed relatively well in the debate, but not enough to catch up with his opponent.

Recalling the time in 2012, when incumbent President Obama won the second election, Associate Professor Cassino said that Mr. Trump then `caused a storm` on Twitter, calling for a revolution to destroy the election results.

`I don’t know what Mr. Trump’s reaction will be if he loses. If a presidential candidate tells his supporters that he does not accept the election results, or that the new president is not legitimate, it could lead to

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