4 ‘hot spots’ in the Trump – Biden debate
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4 ‘hot spots’ in the Trump – Biden debate

US President Donald Trump and Democratic opponent Joe Biden faced each other fiercely in the first direct debate in Ohio on the evening of September 29 (morning of September 30, Hanoi time).

However, Trump also emphasized that he paid millions of dollars in taxes, contrary to the information given by the New York Times that he only paid 750 USD in income taxes in 2016 and 2017.

President Trump (left) and Democratic candidate Joe Biden during the debate in Ohio on September 29.

The difference in the two candidates’ stances on Covid-19 is also clearly shown.

However, Trump asserted that the administration had handled the pandemic well and said that Biden `couldn’t do the job we did.`

The president emphasized the administration’s plan to quickly distribute Covid-19 vaccines, but Biden questioned why Americans should trust someone who lies so often.

`This is the same person who told you that Covid-19 would quickly disappear like magic when the weather warms up. And he also said you could inject a little disinfectant into your hands to kill the virus.`

4 'hot spots' in the Trump - Biden debate

Trump – Biden argue about Covid-19

Trump and Biden argue about Covid-19.

Since before the debate, many analysts have assessed that Trump will `hit` Hunter, Biden’s scandal-plagued son, and indeed, he has taken every opportunity to do so.

Responding to Trump’s baseless accusations that Hunter used political connections to engage in corruption in Ukraine, the former vice president tried to change the subject by looking into the camera and saying: The election `is not about family`.

`He doesn’t want to talk about what you need to know,` Biden added.

In the final part of the debate, Trump tried to bring up the topic again, by mentioning that Hunter had been addicted to drugs.

One moment that will be dissected and discussed a lot by the American media is Trump’s refusal to criticize white supremacists for inciting violence at racial protests across the country.

`Certainly I’m willing to ask them to back off, but I have to say that almost everything I see is coming from the left, not from the right. I’m willing to do anything. I want

`Who do you want me to condemn?`, Trump asked moderator Chris Wallace, referring to violent protests across the country.

The two opponents discussed six main topics in the debate, but their views were largely not fully expressed, as they constantly interrupted each other and made personal attacks.

The first debate ended after 105 minutes, longer than the originally planned 90 minutes, but observers judged that there was no `winner` in this chaotic `competition`, while there were losers.

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