Need to bring U19 Vietnam ‘back to earth’
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Need to bring U19 Vietnam ‘back to earth’

Looking at the scene of Mr. Duc sitting in a dazed state with his head bowed on the training bench, one can see all his love for the young team, when the U19 Vietnam team had to suffer a miserable defeat of 0-6 against South Korea and 1.

This result disappointed Mr. Duc, but perhaps what disappointed him even more was that he felt too alone and isolated.

Looking at Mr. Duc’s pain doesn’t make me feel as sad as seeing them being praised, praised, flattered, and praised by many media experts in the past days.

Why not be embarrassed when Cong Phuong is actually just a very young player who has just created a reputation through a few matches and hastily flattered Phuong to the sky.

Looking at the development of Vietnamese football, I feel unprecedented, I don’t understand why people only know about U19 now, what about the National team, the U23 Olympic team and other teams representing Vietnam?

If we only hope that Mr. Duc and his team will bring new vitality to the country’s football scene, it would be a mistake.

However, VFF seems to only participate with additional material support, creating better conditions for U19 to compete in talent competitions, other than silence.


Vietnamese football cannot reach the big ocean when we only rely on Arsenal academy.

There must be many football academies, at least similar to Mr. Duc’s Arsenal Academy, and most specifically, school football academies nationwide with the contribution of a highly qualified team.

The problem does not lie in money but with the contributions of a group across the country, of foreign sponsors, especially from the Vietnam Football Federation, and above all the schools, from primary to secondary levels.

These coaches will undertake thorough training in expertise, ethics, and playing style for children from an early age so that they can grasp and develop according to the training system model from advanced countries.

Look at Japan and South Korea – two Asian countries with advanced football backgrounds that are growing strongly, integrating with world football.

Even though they are a whole head better than everyone else, they are always very humble, their statements always show that their team still has limitations in this and that, deep down in their hearts is true humility.

A football background where people have spent countless amounts of time, effort, and money to create a great young team, but above all information about the team and the players must be kept.

Meanwhile, our U19 students seem to have never been properly evaluated for their abilities, they never walk on the ground, illusion has made them wander in the sky and we have the responsibility to bring them back to life.

Looking forward to going to the big ocean, looking forward to picking ripe fruit… please VFF do it right now, don’t let fans put all their  hopes on Duc’s team, don’t leave it too late, when fans all over the country

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Pham Hien

Need to bring U19 Vietnam 'back to earth'

U19 Vietnam lost heavily to South Korea because they were ‘threatened’ by Germany.

Before the match, Mr. Duc said: `Whoever kicks badly or argues with the referee, I will expel him.`

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