Organizers of Favorite Songs denied ‘sinking’ Phuong My Chi’s song
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Organizers of Favorite Songs denied ‘sinking’ Phuong My Chi’s song

On the forums and fanpages of the program Favorite Songs in recent days, audiences and fans of Phuong My Chi accused the organizers of the program of being dishonest and cheating in voting for the June results. The song was performed by

Tung Duong and Phuong My Chi performed at the Favorite Songs show.

According to the original regulations of the program, the Representative Audience Council consists of 130 people, and will change 10% each month to ensure objectivity.

To prove the suspicion that the organizers cheated in the voting and favored the song On a Far Island, the audience also posted videos recording the screen showing the voting page of the program’s website.

Organizers of Favorite Songs denied 'sinking' Phuong My Chi's song

Phuong My Chi’s fans pointed out the list of changes to members of the Representative Audience Council in June.

The organizers of Favorite Song denied suspicions of `slandering` Phuong My Chi’s song.

Regarding how to calculate the number of listens for songs in the chart, another representative of the program – Ms. Lai Ngoc Dung – gave statistics showing that the number of listens to Far Away Island increased during the time from 00:00 to 22:00 every day.

Ms. Dung added: `If there are many IPs accessing but not listening to the song, the song will not increase in views. If there are few IPs accessing, but the song is continuously clicked to listen to the end, the number of votes and listens will increase.

`We confirm that the voting by text message and the number of listens for the song `Far Away Island` show no signs of unusual increase,` Ms. Dung said.

As of 9:00 a.m. on June 12, on the health insurance chart, the song `Que em in flood season` has returned to the top position with 19.2%, while the song `Distant Island` ranked second with 18.22% average.

This is not the first time the health insurance program has been involved in a scandal.

Son Tung’s songs have not been removed from the health insurance charts

Regarding the songs `The Rain Passes By`, `Don’t Be Late` and `Yesterday’s You` by singer Son Tung M-TP, which is suspected of plagiarism, are on the chart, the organizers said they will seek opinions from the members.

The organizers commented: `As a composer, Son Tung is also the one who composed the main music and lyrics of the song based on the mix (beat) available online.`

The organizers affirmed: `Only we have the right to decide to withdraw the song from the health insurance chart.`

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