Hugh Jackman: ‘The beauty of Vietnam overwhelmed me’
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Hugh Jackman: ‘The beauty of Vietnam overwhelmed me’

– The movie `Pan` has some scenes filmed in Vietnam such as Hang En (Quang Binh), Ha Long Bay and Tam Coc, but he and the cast did not come here to film.

– The majestic scenery in Vietnam made me feel overwhelmed.

Director Joe Wright wanted to create a Neverland that looked wild and magical.

Hugh Jackman in the Neverland scene filmed in Vietnam.

– What was the reason why you accepted the evil role of Blackbeard in a fairy tale movie like `Pan`?

– It was my compatriot Nicole Kidman who introduced me to director Joe Wright.

I have to try to express the image that children imagine of this character as in the story.

– You also just announced that you will part ways with the role of `Wolverine` after the third solo film in 2017. What led you to that decision?

– I don’t want to call it `quitting a role` but just liken it to a party that eventually has to end to make room for other parties.

Wolverine is an immortal character who never ages in movies.

– I already have wrinkles.

Hugh Jackman: 'The beauty of Vietnam overwhelmed me'

Actor Hugh Jackman is about to turn 47 on October 12.

– He has tried his hand at theater, musicals, television, dance, cinema, MC.

– Sometimes I look back at myself and reminisce about the time when I was a musical actor and then became involved with cinema.

– How do you balance career and family life?

– Nowadays, we are busier with many roles so balance becomes very difficult to achieve.

Everyone feels disappointed with themselves at times, but if you get closer to your family and give them priority, you will find balance in life and move forward firmly.

– How do you feel being the father of two children who are both teenagers?

– I could write two books to answer this question (Laughs).

Hugh Jackman: 'The beauty of Vietnam overwhelmed me'

Hugh Jackman surrounded by fans in Hong Kong when he came here to premiere the movie `Pan` at the end of September. Photo: Nick M.

– He was introduced to acting at the age of 5 and later became a famous actor.

– I see my daughter Ava also shows her acting talent while my son Oscar tends to become a visual artist.

I am lucky to have a job that gives me the opportunity to travel to many places around the world.

– When you return home after many trips to promote the movie `Pan`, what will you give your children?

– When I come to Asia, I really want to try the traditional mooncakes here and bring them home, but unfortunately this festival has just passed.

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