Barca moves closer to La Liga
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Barca moves closer to La Liga

*Goals: Lenglet 45′, Alba 64′ – Juanmi 62′.

Four days after the victory over Man Utd, Barca still fielded most of their key players.

As coach Valverde expected, Barca had difficulty reaching the opponent’s goal.

Barca had to rely on a midfielder like Lenglet who rarely scores goals to open the score.

Barca’s most obvious opportunity at the beginning of the match was Suarez’s right foot shot aimed at a tight corner, where goalkeeper Rulli was able to push out.

Play firmly and sit deep, but Sociedad is also ready to counterattack when given the opportunity.

While the attack is having difficulty, Barca is still lucky that the defense shines at the right time.

Falling into a position of being behind, Sociedad did not flinch.

Barca moves closer to La Liga

Juanmi forced Ter Stegen to go into the net and pick up the ball.

Maintaining balance, Sociedad has the foundation to surprise.

Despite an unexpected loss, Barca soon gave an answer.

Learning from the first time, Barca played more carefully after the second lead.

Winning in round 33, Barca continues to lead La Liga with 77 points.

Barca moves closer to La Liga

Alba surprised with an accurate right foot strike.

If they win against Alaves in the next round, while Atletico loses at home to Valencia, Barca will be crowned four rounds early.


Barca: Ter Stegen;

Real Sociedad: Rulli;

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