Hugh Hefner – creator of the Playboy empire
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Hugh Hefner – creator of the Playboy empire

Hugh Hefner – Playboy magazine tycoon passed away at his private villa in California, USA on September 27.

Hugh Hefner with the `bunnies` at the Playboy Club in 1962.

Hugh Hefner early had rebellious thoughts even though he grew up in a family of teachers.

A year later, he put all the furniture in the house together, mortgaged the bank to borrow $600, and raised another $8,000 from investors, of which his mother contributed $1,000, to publish his own magazine.

Hugh Hefner intended to name the magazine Stag Party, but was forced to change the name to avoid overlap with Stag magazine.

The first issue of Playboy was published at Hugh Hefner’s home.

`In the pages of Playboy, you will find creations, picture stories, jokes… to bring pleasure to men. If possible bring to America’s men more

Hugh Hefner - creator of the Playboy empire

Hugh Hefner at age 27 and his first issue of Playboy.

In 1953, states in the US still banned the use of birth control pills.

The stylized image of a rabbit’s head wearing a bow tie appearing in the second issue of Playboy has now become the trademark of the entire empire founded by Hugh Hefner.

When the Great Depression and World War II ended, Playboy quickly became the spiritual food of many men.

By the 1970s, Playboy had more than seven million readers and inspired other publishers to launch similar publications.

More than 60 years since the first issue of Playboy was released, Hugh Hefner has built a media empire called Playboy Enterprise Inc – both publishing the magazine, producing television, and doing business online.

Sharing in The New York Times, Hugh Hefner talked about what makes him most proud: `I have changed many people’s attitudes about sex. I also helped people have a more correct view of premarital sex.`

Hugh Hefner - creator of the Playboy empire

Hugh Hefner is always surrounded by hot beauties.

In 1985, Hugh Hefner suffered a stroke.

With the advent of the Internet and fierce competition, Playboy’s readership was reduced to only three million by the beginning of the 21st century. Annual publications decreased from 12 to 11 copies.

Hugh Hefner ran Playboy from his lavish mansion, first in Chicago, then moved back to Los Angeles.

In a 1992 interview in The New York Times, he said: `I spent so much of my life looking for love, but it was all in the wrong place.`

Hugh Hefner’s married life was difficult, even though he was always surrounded by beautiful girls.

Hugh Hefner - creator of the Playboy empire

In the last years of his life, Hugh Hefner admitted that he was lonely in love.

A few months after his third wedding, Hugh Hefner admitted: `Maybe I should stay single. But I know I need a romantic relationship. I’ve never really found my soul mate.`

Although Hugh Hefner `goes back and forth` with many beauties, he does not have children out of wedlock.

Hugh Hefner - creator of the Playboy empire

The owner of Playboy magazine passed away

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