7 Japanese sashimi dishes that are not made from fish
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7 Japanese sashimi dishes that are not made from fish

In addition to sashimi made from seafood, Japanese people can also prepare sashimi with beef, deer, chicken, pork…


Wagyu beef with a marble-like texture is an ingredient that every steak lover loves.

Unlike seafood sashimi dishes, instead of shoyu and wasabi, the raw beef is served by the chef with ponzu (soybean and vinegar sauce) on top of perilla leaves.

In addition, the Japanese also use other parts of the cow to make sashimi, such as in the Sendai region (5 hours north of Tokyo) using the cow’s head.

Raw beef liver has also become popular sashimi in Japan and is called rebasashi.

Fog meat

Japanese sashimi dishes are not made from fish

This may be the most horrifying and unorthodox type of Japanese sashimi – frog meat sashimi.

Not surprisingly, this video attracted many negative comments from diners and Japanese people working in the culinary industry, including chef Mamie Nishide working at Japanese Cooking Studi in New York, USA.


After the ban on consumption of raw beef liver in 2012, some Japanese restaurants removed the dish from the menu and replaced it with pork liver sashimi.

While raw pork is not used in Japan, in Australia this dish is very popular even though it is not served in the traditional way.


7 Japanese sashimi dishes that are not made from fish

Sashimi from chicken gizzards.

When Newsweek published a story about chicken sashimi in 2013, this raw bird was also known as `pink meat.`

Christian Geideman, chef and owner of Ippuku, said: `Every night we serve up to 24 servings of torisashi (chicken sashimi). And since the restaurant opened in 2010, we have served more than 10,000 orders.

If you are familiar with raw chicken breast, you may also like other chicken-related dishes such as gizzards and raw liver.


7 Japanese sashimi dishes that are not made from fish

Basashi in Kumamoto always comes with green onions, onions, ginger and a slice of lemon to squeeze on the side.

In Japan, eating horse meat is not a strange thing.

Basashi is also known as sakura niku (pink meat) because the meat has a light pink color.

Deer meat

In Japanese, shika means deer and shikasashi means raw deer meat.

Turtle meat

The Bonin Islands are the only place you can go to eat kamesashi (turtle meat sashimi).

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