A trip to the past right in the heart of America
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A trip to the past right in the heart of America

Plymouth, Massachussets is a historical land with important significance in the formation and development of America.

Plimoth Plantation accurately recreates every smallest detail of people’s lives in the 17th century. Photo: Amusing.

Only about 10 minutes by car from the city, but when arriving at Plimoth Plantation, the rhythm of life here is completely different: leisurely, peaceful… different from the noise and bustle of America.

Many people who came to the museum were amazed and surprised by an impressive tourism product.

A trip to the past right in the heart of America

Coming here, visitors will feel like they are going back to the past, when everything has no items related to the present such as lighters, phones, fire extinguishers… Photo: Amusing.

All houses, household appliances, furniture, and production tools are recreated and arranged exactly as they were used 400 years ago.

The actors playing the roles of the people in the village wear authentic 17th century clothes with wide-brimmed hats, floor-length skirts, belts, guns and bullets… All are accurately portrayed down to every detail.

In the village of British immigrants, each homeowner took on the role of a historical figure among those who sailed on the Mayflower ship that docked in America in the past.

A trip to the past right in the heart of America

The cattle were raised and cared for by actors portraying British immigrants and native people in the 17th century.

Tourists who want to know information about the village have no choice but to have a direct dialogue with those historical figures.

Another interesting thing is that when we come here, we will hear an English accent – but not modern English – but old English, exactly the way people talked to each other 400 years ago.

After many years of operation, Plimoth Plantation is considered one of the most successful living history museum models in the world.

More information about Plimoth Plantation:

Plimoth Plantation Museum is open from the end of March until the end of November.

Area recreating the life of the Wampanoag natives, English village, Mayflower II ship and Plimoth Grist Mill: open from 9am to 5pm, late March to late November (after Thanksgiving).

Opening hours for Mayflower II and Plimoth Grist Mill (not at the same location as Plimoth Plantation): from 9am to 7pm in July and August.

General ticket price to see all monuments: from 26.95 to 29.95 USD (depending on whether you are a teacher, soldier…), only for children: 16.95 USD.

Plimoth Plantation address: 137 Avenue, Warren Plymouth, MA 02360. It is only 5 km south of downtown Plymouth.

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