Camping in the rain on holiday
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Camping in the rain on holiday

Seeing the weather forecast that it would rain right on the April 30 holiday, Mr. Tran Cao Thang, 40 years old, from Ho Chi Minh City still decided to lead a group of 10 personal cars to camp in La Ngau, Binh Thuan.

At 10:00 a.m., it was pouring rain. The whole group took advantage of the rain to stop and set up tents and tarpaulins.

La Ngau campsite during heavy rain.

Huynh Ngoc Phuong Linh, 27 years old, with the motto `the more difficult, the more interesting` set out to camp at the top of Chua Chan mountain – the roof of Dong Nai on April 30.

More than imagined, Linh commented that the camping experience in the rain was more wonderful than when it was sunny.

Camping in the rain on holiday

Phuong Linh (yellow shirt) and everyone set up a tent in the rain.

In the camping group with Linh, Tam An, 35 years old, was quite hesitant when he learned that rain was forecast.

Nguyen Hau, a climbing and camping tour operator at Chua Chan peak, said that due to the forecast of rain, the number of tourists booking tours decreased compared to the same period.

Camping in the rain on holiday

The camping group was led by Nguyen Hau.

Before April 30, the Ba Den mountain area in Tay Ninh rained continuously for many days.

The long holiday seems to make people more `in the rain` to go camping.

However, as Mr. Cao Thang shared, camping in the rain requires good preparation in terms of experience in choosing a location to take down the tent and the tent must be good against rain.

Camping in the rain on holiday

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