Boateng had to pay 2 million USD for assaulting his ex-lover
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Boateng had to pay 2 million USD for assaulting his ex-lover

On September 9, Boateng and his lawyer went to court in Munich, Germany to appear.

During nearly two hours in court, Boateng denied all accusations, and claimed that he was the one who was attacked.

Boateng (right) talks with lawyer Kai Walden during the trial in Munich on September 9.

However, Boateng was convicted by the court of causing dangerous bodily harm and insulting Senler, when the two were on vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Caribbean in 2018. Lyon’s rookie had to pay a fine of 2 million USD, a fine.

After judge Kai Dingerdissen delivered the verdict, Boateng hurriedly left the courtroom surrounded by bodyguards, then got into a black SUV and left.

Last year, German newspaper Bild reported that Boateng `threw a small glass candle holder straight into Senler’s face` during a vacation in the Caribbean.

Boateng is said to have told the court that Senler became aggressive and then beat him.

According to Bild, the fight started because a friend of Senler accused Boateng of cheating when playing cards.

Boateng had to pay 2 million USD for assaulting his ex-lover

Boateng with Senler and his two daughters attended Bayern’s traditional Oktoberfest beer festival in 2018. Photo: Twitter / Bayern & Germany

The next day, Boateng said the two got along again, when Senler was in a better mood, and the broken glass candlestick was cleaned up by a staff member.

Senler’s side is said to have sent evidence – a video of the attack – to the District Court for review.

Boateng and Senler started dating in 2007, welcomed twin daughters in 2011, then broke up soon after.

In early February, another ex-girlfriend of Boateng, Kasia Lenhardt, died at the age of 25 just a week after the two ended their relationship.

Lenhardt and Boateng dated for nearly a year and a half, but were always entangled in emotional turmoil, then broke up on February 2.

For more than a year of dating, Boateng and Lenhardt were always in a state of tension.

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