Director of ‘Yen’s Life’: ‘State films are often criticized by the majority’
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Director of ‘Yen’s Life’: ‘State films are often criticized by the majority’

– How did you prepare for the movie `Yen’s Life` about a rural woman half a century ago?

– I talked a lot with my grandparents and parents about life at that time.

I also researched books, stories, movies and the internet with my team.

After winning five awards at the 2015 Vietnam Film Festival, the movie `Yen’s Life` hits Vietnamese theaters on January 8.

– `Yen’s Life` had the best harvest at the 19th Vietnam Film Festival, including the `Silver Lotus Award for feature films`.

– I think people should spend more time watching movies at the theatre.

– What do you say to comments that the film is literary and not highly cinematic?

– That is normal.

– What creative factors do you consider to balance the revenue for this state-invested work?

– The state invests in filmmaking but does not do business.

– What is your responsibility when making films funded by the State?

– I try my best to bring my films to many audiences.

Director of 'Yen's Life': 'State films are often criticized by the majority'

Directed by Dinh Tuan Vu.

– What do you think when the public criticizes state-ordered films for being heavy on propaganda and not professional?

– I really feel sad.

During the recent film festival, many Southern audiences were quite surprised to see state-owned films.

– Sticking with projects invested in by the State, how practical do you think the film series is?

– State-owned films often cover topics that private films often avoid because of revenue pressure, such as history, revolution, rural areas, and ethnic groups in the mountains and islands… Just try to imagine a background.

For audiences in remote areas or in the provinces, movies shown for free or at `affordable` ticket prices are indispensable spiritual dishes.

Take for example the movie And You Will Come Back to Me.

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