Frustrated because a thug beat a woman who had a miscarriage and was only sentenced to 2 years in prison
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Frustrated because a thug beat a woman who had a miscarriage and was only sentenced to 2 years in prison

Reader HiepNgo asked the above question after the article `Rescuing pregnant wife, husband stabbed her to death`.

Toan felt embarrassed with his girlfriend and drove his car to chase her.

The People’s Court of Dong Nai province sentenced Tuan to 14 years in prison and had to compensate the victim’s family nearly 200 million VND, and Toan to 2 years in prison for disturbing public order.

Immediately, hundreds of angry comments from readers were sent to VnExpress.

Defendants Tuan and Toan.

“I completely agree with your opinion.

`Can’t a person with a criminal record react to bad things? I hope the jury will reconsider and reduce Tuan’s sentence,` commented reader Batbinh.

`I was so upset when I read it. How could these thugs beat and punch a woman until she had a miscarriage and only be charged with disturbing public order? Tuan took out a knife and threatened them to stop beating his wife.

` No husband can stay calm when his pregnant wife is being beaten and beaten by two thugs, leading to a miscarriage,` reader Kebat shared.

“Ha and Toan caused trouble, acted like hooligans, and beat pregnant women, leading to Ms. Tuyen’s miscarriage, which is murder.

`And Toan’s sentence is only 2 years in prison for disturbing the peace, which is too light for thugs and dishonest people. Let’s ask, where is the deterrence of the law, who will protect the people when they encounter

`Why do you have to stand by and watch when your wife and children are killed? Tuan’s actions in the heat of the moment that led to manslaughter are not right, but if your wife is beaten to the point of having a miscarriage, if you are not crazy and extremely angry, then it is not human.`

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