Nearly 400 F0 pregnant women ‘mildly affected’
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Nearly 400 F0 pregnant women ‘mildly affected’

Associate Professor Hoang Thi Diem Tuyet, Director of Hung Vuong Hospital, said these pregnant women were transferred to hospitals on lower treatment levels.

Hung Vuong Hospital is on the 4th floor of the 5-storey tower treatment model of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health, with a total scale of 1,200 beds.

According to Associate Professor Tuyet, initially this place only accepted cases of patients with indications for intervention in pregnant women infected with Covid-19, and women with a pregnancy of over 38 weeks.

Depending on F0’s health situation, the hospital will stratify care and treatment.

The medical team here aims to try to prevent patients with no symptoms or mild symptoms from becoming moderate.

`If the patient has average symptoms, we will consider the pregnancy situation. If we assess that the baby can be raised, we will terminate the pregnancy to both save the mother and the child.`

The hospital director commented that treating and caring for pregnant women with Covid-19 is `many times more difficult` because it essentially requires treatment for both mother and child.

In the treatment stratification of the Ministry of Health, pregnant women are also in the high-risk group for serious complications.

Doctors at Hung Vuong Hospital are treating pregnant women with Covid-19.

On August 9, Dr. Dinh Anh Tuan (Deputy Director of Maternal and Child Health) assessed that Hung Vuong Hospital is `doing a very good job` in epidemic prevention and treatment of pregnant women with Covid-19.

He said that, in the context of the pandemic in Ho Chi Minh City, which is still complicated, pregnant women are just as susceptible to Covid-19 as other people.

According to Dr. Tuan, the experience of Hung Vuong Hospital doctors in caring for newborns and handling pregnant women with Covid-19 (different gestational ages, different levels of clinical manifestations) is very important.

Dr. Tuan asked the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health to prioritize adding medical equipment and supplies, especially oxygen systems and ventilators, so that specialized obstetrics hospitals and Hung Vuong Hospital can perform good care.

Hung Vuong Hospital is a specialized hospital specializing in obstetrics and gynecology at the end of Ho Chi Minh City and the southern region, next to Tu Du Hospital.

Nearly 400 F0 pregnant women 'mildly affected'

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Doctor Calvin Q Trinh, Ho Chi Minh City Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Hospital (Hospital 1A) teaches proper breathing exercises to help pregnant women have a healthy respiratory system, reducing the risk of getting worse if they accidentally contract Covid-19.

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