How was the first corona patient in the US cured?
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How was the first corona patient in the US cured?

The first man to get sick from nCoV in the US visited his family in Wuhan city, Hubei province, China – where the corona epidemic originated.

When he got home, he started having a dry cough and a low-grade fever.

Immediately, he was quarantined at Providence Regional Hospital in Everett, Washington state.

Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, Washington, where the male patient infected with nCoV was treated.

The treatment of this patient was carried out by a group of volunteers, led by Dr. George Diaz, Head of the Infectious Diseases Department of Providence Regional Hospital.

In the isolation room, patients’ health status is checked through the `tele-Health` system, meaning they make video calls so doctors and patients can discuss the progress of the disease.

Five days after admission, the patient’s condition began to deteriorate.

After discussing with CDC experts and patients, Dr. Diaz received approval from the US Federal Drug Administration to test an antiviral drug called Remdesivir by the US pharmaceutical company Gilead to treat the disease.

`As a result, the patient’s fever recovered after the treatment and his health condition gradually improved. Although it is still too early to conclude about the effect of this drug on Covid-19 patients in general, it is clear that

This is the only case and also the first person in the world to use Remdesivir to successfully treat a patient infected with the new corona virus.

Previously, Remdesivir was tested in Ebola patients and found to be safe but not effective.

As of the morning of February 18, the disease caused by Covid-19 had claimed the lives of 1,868 people and 73,259 cases of infection, most of which were Chinese, where the epidemic began in early December.

Minh Ngan (According to SCMP)

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