My parents wanted to disown me because I was 43 years old and not married
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My parents wanted to disown me because I was 43 years old and not married

Sympathizing with the author of the story `My colleagues criticized me for being incompetent when I was not married at 30 years old`, many VnExpress readers shared the troublesome situation of being late in getting married:

I’m 43 years old and everything is normal: just an ordinary employee, have an apartment that I have to pay in installments, and am a little more beautiful than Chi Pheo’s girlfriend.

I’m 40 years old, plus my wife’s age is 41. When I go to work, I’m told and talked about by the whole agency `why are you single?`.

I often hear those words, and there are even more cruel and evil words that I can imagine.

I’m 27 years old, but I’m constantly told by my colleagues that I’m lonely and that in the future, living alone will be sad like this and that… I ignored it: `Why are you guys so worried about my life?`.

Instead of worrying about people’s slander, many people choose to `live alone` and not close their eyes to get married just for the sake of it:

I’m about 30 years old, I don’t have a lover, I’m not pretty, I’m not talented, but everyone tells me to just take it slow and play, getting married will be very difficult.

Remember that life is decided by you, not by those around you.

Are you afraid of people’s tongues?

When you get married, marry for what it is, don’t marry for it.

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