‘Europe lost its advantage because of Covid-19 indifference’
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‘Europe lost its advantage because of Covid-19 indifference’

Sharing about Europe’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, reader Khoa Hoa cited the subjective attitudes of the people in these countries:

`When the people of Wuhan, China were quarantined, there was a comprehensive crisis, nearly 800 million people were restricted from traveling and working. At that time, European countries did not see that as a lesson. By the end of last week, my sister

On the other hand, reader Vuong Nhan Dai De pointed out Europe’s biggest disadvantage in fighting the Covid-19 epidemic is in its medical scale, which is considered developed:

`This is the price we have to pay for a very advanced medical system. It sounds forced but it’s true. For example, during a certain drought, there will be a serious shortage of food. At that time, the countryside will have enough.

In Europe and America, every person has a very good sense of self-care and only goes to the hospital when they are seriously ill.

Therefore, at times like this, European and American countries only focus on stopping the epidemic from the beginning.

Reaffirming the high price that Europe is having to bear because of its complacency in fighting the epidemic, reader Nguyen Duy Truong emphasized:

`When China has blockaded 60 million people, Vietnam and South Korea have quarantined an entire province, a neighborhood, 99% of people are ready for a fierce battle, on the other side of the hemisphere, where

And as an inevitable consequence, China has now had to close fewer hospitals because it ran out of patients.

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