How to deal with stress during Tet
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How to deal with stress during Tet

Lunar New Year is a time of joy, when people gather with family, give and receive gifts and lucky money envelopes.

The spread of Covid-19 and social distancing could exacerbate those problems, especially as the epidemic has claimed many people’s friends and family.

Some people experiencing financial pressure consider this the most stressful time of the year.

According to Dr. Bee Lim, an expert at Mind Health Collective, each person should remind themselves, `You are not the only one feeling stressed during the Lunar New Year.`

Ms. Lim believes that each person should take time to talk to themselves, dig deep into their own emotions or ask a consultant to understand the reasons behind loneliness.

`Ask yourself what psychological shadow keeps you distant from your loved ones. Does lack of communication make us feel lost and unable to trust people?`, Ms. Lim said.

Hanoi people on the first morning of Lunar New Year 2021. Photo: Giang Huy

Developing a new year plan can also help reduce discouragement, according to Ms. Lim.

Even though we are far apart geographically, staying in touch with family members also eases the feeling of loneliness.

Instead of being stressed by social prejudices, Ms. Lim encourages each person to turn Lunar New Year into a time to do what they want, create interesting experiences, and reduce stress for themselves.

`Sometimes, the easiest approach starts with simple questions: What brings you joy? What would an ideal day look like for you? How do you create the most meaningful day?`

Some people worry about spending beyond their personal finances on Tet.

`If you don’t have a lot of money, show you care for your family and friends in other ways like baking them a cake, offering to help with household chores or calling regularly,` she said.

She believes that the community should learn to cultivate gratitude to see the positive in even the most difficult situations.

`If you feel lonely during Lunar New Year, focus on the things you receive from friends, family, neighbors, even pets. Keeping a gratitude journal can be a way to nurture your attitude

Normally, the feeling of fatigue and boredom will temporarily disappear when the Tet holiday season ends.

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