American expert: ‘It is difficult for Trump to change the situation in the third debate’
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American expert: ‘It is difficult for Trump to change the situation in the third debate’

The third debate between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Donald Trump is not expected to have any surprises.

`There is no reason why the third debate between Mr. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be different from the previous two. Mr. Trump has established the `muscular` atmosphere of the debates,` Professor

The third and final debate between the two candidates running for the White House will take place at 9:00 p.m. October 19, Eastern time in North America (8:00 a.m. October 20, Hanoi time).

Mr. Baker believes that the main content of the debate will revolve around the personal issues of the two candidates, rather than focusing on US policy issues.

Sharing the same opinion, Dr. Chris Haynes, University of New Haven, predicts that the third debate will not bring any surprises to the public.

`I think right now the only surprise is that there are no surprises. This year’s election campaign has had too much unexpected rhetoric, tactics and actions, especially on Mr. Trump’s part. So I don’t

According to this expert, the American billionaire will continue to condemn Mrs. Clinton as he did in the previous two debates.

On October 8, the website Wikileaks published the speeches hidden by US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for many years.

According to Dr. Haynes, the American billionaire will continue to condemn the country’s political system, attacking the media and political parties.

Professor Christopher Borick, Muhlenberg School, said that although the two presidential candidates try to give negative views about the other, they will probably focus on policy discussions, although not to a large extent.

Talking about what the two presidential candidates need to do after this final debate, Dr. Haynes said that Mrs. Clinton needs to paint a clear picture of the vision of America that she wants to create, collaborating with party members.

As for billionaire Trump, Dr. Haynes believes he needs to `cool down` his rhetoric and behave more like a presidential candidate.

Mr. Borick said that Mrs. Clinton needs to win the votes of key groups in her coalition.

`I don’t think the American billionaire will have more supporters. Most voters by now have made a decision on who to vote for. The number of undecided voters is still very small, if Mr. Trump gets a few more people

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