Reward your child with money to get good grades
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Reward your child with money to get good grades

Journalist Karen Glaser living in England shared about the trend of parents rewarding their children with money for good grades.

When my son received your offer, he flatly refused: `You shouldn’t pay me to read it, this is ridiculous.`

Two years ago, my daughter told me about a classmate whose parents paid her 10 pounds a week to read for half an hour every day.

After two years, my child’s friend has improved a lot in her studies and if she tries harder, she can have a good transcript to enroll in a quality university.

In the UK, I notice two trends in rewarding children for their education.

However, both cases above raise ethical questions.

When I raised the issue with a friend, she thought I was just overdoing it.

My friend’s son is a Mathematics student at Oxford University.

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Artist Mike Griffiths shares that rewarding children with money is completely normal.

`With Benjy’s results, that amount of money is not too much. This is not just a reward, it is more than that, like an encouragement from the family to do his best and I am proud of him,`

Currently, Mike continues to apply the same reward system when Stewy studies A Level (high school education program equivalent to grades 11 and 12 in Vietnam).

What impresses me about Mike is that he is very open when talking about rewarding his children with money.

Contrary to many parents, Anna Rabin, a mother of two children living in Hertfordshire, only rewards simple, spiritual gifts when her children succeed, such as a delicious meal at a restaurant.

Faced with two conflicting opinions from parents, trainee teacher Laurie Rosenberg (Jewish Community High School) commented: `Paying money when your child gets high scores is a bit harsh. Parents can reward

Agreeing with Laurie, teacher Ruben (Jewish Community High School) said that rewarding children with money over a long period of time can be counterproductive.

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