The most dangerous road in the world
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The most dangerous road in the world

For many courageous people, the first time they saw a photo of the Caminito del Rey they thought they could overcome it.

“Welcome to Caminito del Rey, where you are truly putting your life at risk and once you’ve taken the plunge, please don’t look down.”

Perched halfway up the cliff like a thin thread, that is Caminito del Rey.

Back in the early 20th century, the Spanish government planned to build a hydroelectric plant near the Gaitanejo and Chorro waterfalls.

It took 4 years to complete and inaugurated the road in 1905. Starting from the foot of the mountain on this side, gradually climbing to a height of 100 m and then 300 m, Caminato del Rey continues to cross the narrow ravine for about 30 m and then again.

In 1921, Spanish King Alfonso XIII traveled on this road to inaugurate the Conde Del Guadalhorce dam.

Although there were records of accidents in 2000 when a tourist died and four more similar cases in the following years, `brave players` continued to find ways to overcome the road.

The most dangerous road in the world

In addition to `blood`, tourists also need basic climbing knowledge and accessories to ensure safety.

Local authorities tried to persuade the government to appropriate funds to reconstruct the road that dates back to 1921, but no concrete action has been taken so far.

Currently, Caminato del Rey is still in high danger with a width of only 1 meter, lying precariously on a cliff, many parts have completely collapsed, leaving an immense void.

The most dangerous road in the world

Climbing equipment is used to overcome paths without paths.

Slowly and cautiously taking each step along the path, most visitors feel that they are going back in time and admire their predecessors for persistently building a walkway suspended in mid-air.

Normally, it takes about 3 hours to complete the route on one cliff and 6 hours to conquer all two cliffs.

The cost of a tour guide is 90 Euros for half a day and 220 Euros for a full day, depending on the number of participants.

Below is a quite thrilling video of one of the people who conquered the road:

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