The nightmare has not ended for the Diamond Princess crew
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The nightmare has not ended for the Diamond Princess crew

While passengers can self-isolate in private cabins on the Diamond Princess, crew members cannot do so.

Diamond Princess cruise ship at Yokohama port on February 19.

Many sailors do not dare to speak up about difficult situations on yachts for fear of affecting their work.

Sonali Thakkar, a 24-year-old security officer, said sailors on the cruise ship have to sleep together in two cabins, use the same bathroom and eat together, `so they are very susceptible to infection.`

`My colleagues and I, more than 1,000 sailors on the cruise ship, are extremely scared. We have always had to work since the ship was quarantined. Every day that passes and the number of patients increases, the sailors

`Sonali was trapped in a small windowless room on the yacht and was very scared. We talked to her every day to try to calm her down. Does the government want to wait for more people to get infected?`

Chairman of the company that owns the Diamond Princess cruise ship Jan Swartz wrote to the crew and said he was `extremely grateful and proud of you all`.

`You deserve to be rewarded and will need to rest. Therefore, we will give you 2 months of leave, but still receive your salary and all bonuses as usual,` wrote president Swartz.

Many passengers who were on the Diamond Princess cruise ship also posted thanks to the crew on social networks.

`My family and I truly appreciate your work, sacrifice and care over the past few weeks. We cannot imagine the hardships you are and will have to endure. We

Some sailors are trying to keep spirits up with music and dancing.

`We should try and stay cheerful in situations like this. I want to tell everyone that no matter what you face in life, you should always try to solve it and move forward.`

The nightmare has not ended for the Diamond Princess crew

Nightmares haunt the Diamond Princess crew

A group of Filipino sailors danced to the song `Yummy` by Justin Bieber on the Diamond Princess cruise ship on February 14.

But it is difficult for many people to maintain such optimism when witnessing the increasing number of infections.

`We count each day and it seems like the days are getting longer. Both our bodies and minds can’t function well anymore. We feel stressed and scared. Money doesn’t mean anything if

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