The Republican Party tries to ‘pink’ America
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The Republican Party tries to ‘pink’ America

`We have made America great. With President Donald Trump in the White House for another four years and God’s help, we will make America great again,` Deputy President

According to Washington Post commentator David Weigel, despite a pre-RNC poll showing a majority of Americans believe the country is `going in the wrong direction`, the speeches of Republican delegates at the event seemed

After efforts at last week’s national convention, the Democratic Party is said to have still not convinced the majority of voters that Biden, their candidate, will lead the US economy better than Trump in the coming years.

Meanwhile, at the RNC, Covid-19 was described as just a quiet moment in America’s unstoppable economic growth path.

US President Donald Trump (left) and `deputy general` Mike Pence at the Republican National Convention held in Baltimore, Maryland, on August 26.

`Trump delivered the best economy in our history and he will do it again,` said Bob Vlaisavljevich, mayor of Eveleth, Minnesota, one of two former Democrats.

Similar to the Democrats, the Republicans rely on non-politicians to deliver economic messages.

Democrats did not mention much about CARES, the bipartisan law passed in March to support those economically affected by Covid-19, as well as the US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement (USMCA) that

`Republicans build the image of Trump as the most important motivator, doing things no one else can,` commented commentator Weigel.

Regarding foreign policy, speeches at the RNC showed support for the anti-interventionism pursued by Trump.

Biden’s rejection of the plans proposed by protesters and other left-wing candidates was also exploited by the Republican party against the former vice president, such as the movement demanding to cut police budgets after the death of George Floyd.

The issue of abortion has also become a major `front`.

Speakers at the RNC repeatedly emphasized Biden’s `reversal` and criticized his views, such as former football coach Lou Holtz commenting that Biden is `a Catholic in name only.`

Issues that could be detrimental to Trump were not mentioned much at the RNC, such as health care policy.

Climate change is also not mentioned.

One of the other key messages at the RNC was that America has defeated racism, and all that’s left to do is treat everyone fairly.

Speeches by Senator Tim Scott and Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron touched on similar themes, at times mocking Biden’s misleading statements on race.

However, in the context that most voters support the `Black Lives Matter` movement, Trump is said to be far behind Biden in the campaign on race issues.

According to pre-RNC survey results by Navigator Research, an organization that leans toward the Democratic Party, American voters believe that Trump has kept his promises such as `running the government like a business` and `putting America

Since winning the Democratic nomination, Biden has led Trump in the polls, something no opponent of the incumbent president has done since 1976. However, the RNC shows that his campaign path

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