Behind the first set of 360-degree photos of North Korea
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Behind the first set of 360-degree photos of North Korea

A Singaporean photographer, Aram Pan has recently become more known for his 360-degree photos and videos about North Korea.

`At first, it was my curiosity about this mysterious country that made me start the project. But when I started working, I realized that I needed to help people better understand North Korea through my photos.`

Pan went to North Korea and was considered a journalist.

Initially, he sent his request to North Korean Embassies around the world.

`I showed them some of my records and the technology I use to create 360-degree images, then they agreed,` he was also surprised when everything went smoothly.

However, the biggest difficulty that Pan faces is project funding.

`Flying from Singapore to North Korea alone on a private flight costs at least $4,500,` Pan said.

Up to now, he has been to North Korea 6 times and each occasion is a different experience: `Most visitors to North Korea go on package tours, so everyone often has the same view and experience. But

Behind the first set of 360-degree photos of North Korea

The places Pan visited in North Korea were marked on Google maps.

For more than 2 years, Pan had the opportunity to set foot from north to south of Korea.

One of the things that caught Pan’s attention when he came here was the changes in North Korea.

Pan said that when he thinks or hears about something, he will immediately set out to find out and of course `always have a tour guide accompanying him.`

He was also fortunate to participate in a special air tour in September 2014 of the travel service company Juche.

One of the misleading aircraft is the Ilyushin Il-18 with a rather old appearance.

Behind the first set of 360-degree photos of North Korea

This air tour was a special experience for Pan as he got to fly many types of North Korean aircraft.

`It was much smaller than regular airplanes and I thought it would vibrate. But surprisingly, it operated very stably and smoothly, the sound from the propeller was quieter than that of a jet plane.`

He also added that the type of plane that usually serves international passengers to and from North Korea is the Tupolev TU-204.

What made Pan regretful was that he couldn’t ride all the machines on this tour because he and his tour guide had to spend time participating in a fashion show in Pyongyang.

Photographer Pan also came to Vietnam in 2010 and had the opportunity to visit Hanoi and Ha Long Bay.

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