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Barca – Real: When you create a twist

Barcelona – Destroyer revived

After a setback at Sociedad’s Anoeta Stadium, Barca won nine matches in a row and scored 34 goals during this return to peak form.

Coach Luis Enrique said that the media seemed a bit excessive when calling Barca’s recent series of matches a revival, just like when they exaggerated the problems at this club.

Messi flourished, leading to Barca’s strong revival momentum.

Next, in the match against defending Spanish champion Atletico Madrid in the quarterfinals of the King’s Cup, Barca won the right to advance with two wins 1-0 at home and 2-3 in the second leg on the opponent’s field.

With 34 goals in nine victories, coach Luis Enrique’s team scored an average of 3.8 goals per match (previously, Barca’s average was only 2.8 goals).

More importantly, the main characters in this decisive victory are also the players that Barca people expect to shine the most.

Real Madrid – The machine has problems

2014 was one of the best years in Real Madrid’s history, when they completed their dream of 10 Champions League/C1 Cup titles in the summer and lifted the World Cup title for the club at the end of the year.

In the first half of the current season, Real played impressively in the national championship, always maintaining the top spot by losing only two matches since September 2014, when against Atletico and Sociedad.

Barca - Real: When you create a twist

Ronaldo is a reflection of Real’s performance.

Real’s statistics from the beginning of the current season until December 2014 are impressive.

But their performance in official matches over the first month of 2015 was a completely different story, with statistics dropping sharply.

Their average number of goals dropped by almost half, leaving 1.88 goals per match.

Currently, Real, with 54 points, is only one point more than Barca, while the season has 16 rounds left.

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