German goods benefit from the World Cup championship
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German goods benefit from the World Cup championship

When German team captain Philipp Lahm lifted the championship trophy at Maracana Stadium for the fourth time in history, both he and each of his teammates earned more than $400,000.

`The value of German brands will certainly increase after this victory. It will have a significant impact on exports,` Christian Boellhoff – Director of Prognos said on Bloomberg.

Not only the German team, but also the German economy will benefit from this victory.

Germany is currently Europe’s largest economy and the world’s third largest exporter, after China and the US.

Adidas – the official sponsor of both the German and Argentina teams – also became `the most visible brand` in last night’s final, said CEO Herbert Hainer.

`Psychologically, this victory will have a positive impact on confidence. Although it cannot be calculated in detail, it will still have an impact on work inspiration and the process of creating quality products,` Boellhoff

In the past, World Cup wins have coincided with periods of German economic prosperity.

The 1974 gold medal came as Germany was entering a new phase of economic growth.

In 1990 in Italy, Germany also defeated Argentina, 8 months after the fall of the Berlin Wall, uniting East Germany and West Germany.

Even without success in the field of sports, the German economy is on track towards a new period of prosperity in the `golden decade of 2020`, Boellhoff commented.

Germany grew stronger than expected in the first quarter, thanks to booming construction and consumption.

`For many years, we have grown mainly thanks to industry and exports. Now, people have opened their wallets, helping consumption contribute more to GDP. This will continue until the end of the 2020s.`

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