Grab aspires to become a ‘super app’ in Southeast Asia
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Grab aspires to become a ‘super app’ in Southeast Asia

The strategy to become a `super app` was just announced by Grab Co-founder and CEO Anthony Tan in Singapore on July 10.

In this way, Grab will quickly develop a series of new services to retain users while partners have the opportunity to exploit the market with more than 100 million mobile devices that have installed the application and are still continuing to use it.

`We cannot do the best in all areas. Therefore, we will work with many different partners to become an everyday super application,` said Mr. Anthony Tan.

Mr. Anthony Tan – Co-founder and CEO of Grab during the announcement of its strategy to become a ‘super app’.

The latest move is a partnership with HappyFresh to open a one-hour grocery delivery service, with more than 100,000 products from more than 50 supermarket chains and specialty stores.

“Grocery delivery has a huge potential and opportunity in Southeast Asia.

Currently, the `super application` interface is operating in Singapore and Indonesia.

Users can also read Yahoo news and watch YouTube videos.

In fact, the idea of `super applications` is not new.

However, according to Mr. Jerald Singh – Grab’s Product Manager, this company’s `super app` has many differences.

`Our goal is to become a Southeast Asian app that meets all your daily life essentials at any time, and can even serve your needs before you know you need them.`

In addition to cooperating with large businesses such as Chubb, Yahoo, Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia, Ovo…, Grab is actively hunting for startups to integrate into the `super app`.

A month ago, the company paved the way by launching Grab Ventures investment fund and finding promising startups from countries like Thailand or Vietnam… This step also helps the company become more friendly with investors.

`Governments always encourage innovation and promote the development of startup ecosystems. Therefore, I believe that Grab Venture and GrabPlatform will reap many good results in Southeast Asia,`  Mr. Anthony Tan

Grab reached the milestone of 2 billion rides on July 7.

`In Vietnam, there are now many ride-hailing applications. Competition also exists in Singapore or Thailand. In general, this area is very competitive but we are ready to compete. We welcome many competitors

The head of Grab said that thanks to competition, in the past 6 years a series of new applications have been born, technology has advanced faster and Grab itself has more motivation to develop.

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