Guardiola: ‘Maybe I’m not good enough for Man City’
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Guardiola: ‘Maybe I’m not good enough for Man City’

* The Man City – Tottenham match takes place at 0:30 on Sunday, January 22, Hanoi time.

Man City is only fifth in the Premier League after 21 rounds, with ten points behind leading team Chelsea.

But Man City’s current position is not the only concern for Guardiola.

However, when asked if Man City’s current players are as good as the stars he coached at Barca and Bayern, Guardiola replied: `Maybe I’m not good enough for them.

Although Man City did not achieve the expected results, Guardiola highly appreciated the talent of the players under his command.

“I don’t understand the lack of respect for professional footballers when they are great players.

Guardiola moved to England after winning a total of 21 titles of all kinds with Barca and Bayern, including six national championships in seven seasons as coach.

But the 46-year-old strategist believes that he was given excessive expectations when joining English football: `Perhaps the expectations for my presence here are too great.

There is a statistic that makes both Guardiola and goalkeeper Bravo ponder.

But Guardiola said: “When I think there is a problem I will consider it, but at this moment he will still start.

Guardiola: 'Maybe I'm not good enough for Man City'

Aguero is missing a lot of scoring opportunities for Man City.

However, Guardiola criticized striker Aguero by name: “We have to try to help him score against top teams.

The problem that Man City needs to overcome most at this time, according to Guardiola, is their ability to finish: `We lost the match mainly because we had opportunities but we couldn’t score.

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