Arteta: ‘The next two weeks will decide Arsenal’s season’
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Arteta: ‘The next two weeks will decide Arsenal’s season’

Arsenal is holding the top of the Premier League table and drew 2-2 with Bayern in the quarter-finals of the Champions League first leg.

`The next two weeks will decide the season, because we can reach the semi-finals of the Champions League and top the Premier League, or not. Each match will determine the future of the team,` Arteta said in the pre-match press conference.

In this context, the Spanish coach believes that all Arsenal needs to do is focus on each match, because that is the only thing he and his students can control, besides determining their responsibilities.

Coach Mikel Arteta instructs student Gabriel Jesus in Arsenal’s 0-0 draw with host Man City in round 30 of the Premier League at Etihad Stadium on March 31.

This week, Arsenal may lose the top of the table when Man City and Liverpool meet weak opponents Luton Town and Crystal Palace respectively in early matches.

`We will know their results, but the team still has a duty to win because this is the only thing we can control,` the 42-year-old coach said.

Arteta also praised Unai Emery – his predecessor at Arsenal, saying that his compatriot had a great influence and helped Aston Villa transform, ranking fifth in the Premier League and just winning 2-1 against Lille in the fourth round.

Due to receiving three yellow cards, Arteta was banned from directly directing the 0-1 loss at Aston Villa in phase one of the Premier League in December 2023.

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