Vietnamese fresh bananas cover 100% of AEON Hong Kong supermarket shelves
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Vietnamese fresh bananas cover 100% of AEON Hong Kong supermarket shelves

The information was shared by Mr. Yuichiro Shiotani, General Director of AEON Topvalu Vietnam Co., Ltd. in the seminar `Connecting the international goods supply chain 2024` organized by the European – American Market Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade) on

According to Mr. Yuichiro Shiotani, last year, this group introduced fresh Vietnamese bananas into 91 supermarket selling points in Hong Kong.

The reason why the group chooses Vietnamese products is due to high quality.

Mr. Yuichiro Shiotani, CEO of AEON Topvalu Vietnam.

In addition to bananas, AEON will purchase fresh mangoes 100% from Vietnam instead of Thailand and the Philippines as before.

According to the Japanese retailer, in the current consumer trend, buyers have raised their criteria, in addition to price, the product must be environmentally friendly and fast delivery.

Similarly, Mr. Mirash Basheer, Director of Garment Exports Vietnam Company (Lulu Group), which is a large buyer of India, said that the demand for purchasing products from Vietnam is increasing, especially those

The company is also planning to buy more shelled cashew products and work directly with factories.

For the US market, a representative of the Walmart supermarket system said that there are about 500 businesses supplying goods to supermarkets.

According to Mr. Do Ngoc Hung, Vietnam Commercial Counselor in the US (Ministry of Industry and Trade), businesses need to carefully learn about the criteria of distributors.

Businesses need to successfully build a supply chain from wholesale to retail.

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