De Bruyne helped Man City beat Newcastle
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De Bruyne helped Man City beat Newcastle

The match at St James Park deserved to be the best of the season, when all five goals could be considered masterpieces, not to mention the controversial situations.

Newcastle led 2-1 with two goals within two minutes, but the outcome of the match changed when De Bruyne entered the field.

De Bruyne (right) celebrates equalizing 2-2 for Man City against Newcastle at St James Park, Tyne and Wear county, round 21 of the Premier League on January 13, 2024.

The match was exciting right from the start, when midfielder Sean Longstaff put the ball into Man City’s net but the goal was disallowed because of offside.

Despite missing Erling Haaland due to injury and Kevin de Bruyne on the bench, Man City still opened the scoring with Bernardo Silva’s masterpiece.

Phil Foden placed his hands on his head and looked at Silva with admiration.

Just 54 seconds after Newcastle handed the ball back, defender Kieran Trippier missed a dangerous pass at home, allowing Silva to shoot one-touch in the penalty area.

Newcastle regained their spirit after that situation, gradually putting pressure on the away team’s defense to make mistakes.

De Bruyne helped Man City beat Newcastle

Isak’s curling shot equalized 1-1 for Newcastle.

Two minutes later, it was centre-back Ruben Dias’s turn to blame for a poor pass in front of the goal, allowing Gordon to receive the ball on the left border.

Newcastle continued to apply pressure and even played tricks that made Man City players unable to keep their composure.

Mr. Kavanagh continued to make Rodri angry in the 52nd minute, when he dribbled the ball close to the goal but was tripped by Burn.

Silva was the most prominent player in Man City, but he was replaced in the 69th minute. But Guardiola showed why he is the best coach with this decision.

From the moment De Bruyne entered the field, the situation reversed.

De Bruyne helped Man City beat Newcastle

Oscar Bobb (No. 52) scored the winning goal 3-2 for Man City.

De Bruyne and Bobb stand out, but Guardiola’s talent in using troops cannot be denied.

Man City has won all six recent matches in all competitions, only two points away from Liverpool’s top position.

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