Dani Alves: The mystery behind the boring defender
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Dani Alves: The mystery behind the boring defender

Before the 2015 Champions League final where Barcelona played Juventus, appearing on a radio program, Dani Alves talked about his future as follows: `I have put one foot, my whole body and most of my head out of Barca.

For the next year, Barca’s leadership always used the media as a tool to pressure Alves.

Alves decided to leave Barca at the end of the 2014-2015 season, when he felt he was no longer respected by the club’s leadership.

`I like to feel appreciated. When I don’t have that feeling anymore, I leave. Leaving Barca on a free transfer was a classic blow. During my last three seasons there, I always heard people say Alves

Last summer, Alves left Barca after eight years.

In Dani Alves, two personalities exist side by side: artist and worker.

But inside Alves is also a worker, someone who works diligently as if he has to provide for five children in the house.

Dani Alves: The mystery behind the boring defender

Alves with a heel assist for Higuain to open the score in Juventus’ 2-0 win over Monaco in the middle of last week.

`Dani Alves is the best right-back in the world. It will be very difficult to find a second player like him,` said Lionel Messi.

There is a truth: Barca’s leadership, even their coaches, have never really liked Alves.

The problem is that even though they hate it, Barca still has to use Alves because he is so talented.

Dani Alves: The mystery behind the boring defender

Dani Alves’ super performances at Barca and Juventus

When Eric Abidal was diagnosed with liver cancer, what did Barca do for him besides empty words?

Alves is fed up with Barca from such pretenses.

Dani Alves: The mystery behind the boring defender

Barca was ridiculed by the whole world for the way they let Dani Alves leave as an extra, then suffered because of his excellent performance when they met again in the recent Champions League quarterfinals.

A familiar argument that you often hear from his critics: Dani Alves doesn’t know how to defend.

42: In eight years at Barca, Alves provided 100 assists in La Liga, including 42 assists for Messi alone.

At Sevilla, Alves had a fierce argument with coach Joaquin Caparros when he asked him not to cross the midfield goal line.

That is also part of the reason why Alves hates the media.

Dani Alves: The mystery behind the boring defender

Classy performances by Dani Alves

Alves said that after retiring, he will completely give up football.

Why can’t defenders attack, why can’t defenders get high salaries, and why can’t defenders create with a… heel strike?

`My life after retirement will have nothing to do with football anymore. But as long as I play, I will try my best to leave a legacy for the children. I want to give back what I can.`

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