The ‘Iron Lady’ helped Chelsea win big on the transfer floor
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The ‘Iron Lady’ helped Chelsea win big on the transfer floor

This season, Chelsea has made three notable recruitments: Fabregas, Costa and Cuadrado, and continues to be profitable in the player transfer market, completely different from the period when Roman Abramovich first invested in this club.

Behind this miraculous change at the London Club is the most powerful woman in English football today – Marina Granovskaia.

Spending tons of money to buy Cuadrado, but Chelsea still comfortably meets the Financial Balance Act thanks to selling at high prices players who do not have much professional value under Mourinho like Schurrle or Bertrand.

Before publicly appearing at Stamford Bridge to help Chelsea balance finances and direct player transfer negotiations, Marina Granovskaia has been Abramovich’s trusted advisor for about 17 years.

In just the last day of the winter market on February 2, 2015, Chelsea quickly earned a profit of $10.5 million while still having a highly rated rookie, Juan Cuadrado – the most expensive player of the season.

Previously, the 2014 summer transfer period also went great for Chelsea, when they brought in two Spanish stars, striker Diego Costa and conductor Cesc Fabegras, while recouping a large amount of money from the sale.

Chelsea spent up to $187 million in the current season, but they still made a little profit through $194 million from the departure of players who were no longer part of the team’s development plan.

`Stern, strong, fair, beautiful and always very wise when handling work at Chelsea,` a club representative commented on Granovskaia.

She has participated in Chelsea’s financial activities for many years.

She graduated from Moscow State University in 1997, and that same year began working for Sibneft, the famous oil and gas company once owned by Roman Abramovich.

The 'Iron Lady' helped Chelsea win big on the transfer floor

Marina was Abramovich’s confidant long before sitting as Chelsea Director, in charge of transfers.

She moved from the Russian capital to live and work in London not long after Abramovich bought Chelsea Club in 2003. Since 2010, she has officially acted as a representative of the Russian owner in all matters.

With Granovskaia’s presence, Chelsea has a team of master negotiators.

Before this wisely evaluated player sale, Chelsea also developed the habit of selling players at the best possible price, of which the sale of David Luiz for $76 million to PSG is an example.

In the past 12 months alone, Chelsea has sold up to four players that Mourinho considered redundant, including Schurrle, Luiz, Juan Mata and Romelu Lukaku, for a total of about $213 million.

But Marina Granovskaia has not only been at the forefront of Chelsea’s important player sales negotiations in recent years.

The west London club has repeatedly faced difficulties in balancing revenue and expenditure so as not to violate the Financial Fair Play Act between teams.

The 'Iron Lady' helped Chelsea win big on the transfer floor

Marina (center) is very diligent in researching and is the person who plans the player procurement strategy for Chelsea.

Firstly, Chelsea focuses on squad quality, meaning they accept having fewer players than some rivals but can use 8 out of every 10 players well rather than having a surplus of people.

Second, Chelsea looks to buy talented young players, then helps them continue to develop their careers (mainly by loaning them to other teams) and then sells them when the price is right or promotes them to play in the team.

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