De Bruyne advised Guardiola to adjust his tactics
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De Bruyne advised Guardiola to adjust his tactics

Guardiola’s career at Man City started well when the club won a series of matches in both the Premier League and Champions League earlier this season.

Guardiola still worships the football philosophy he pursues, even though Man City is showing signs of decline in performance.

But the Catalan coach has stated several times that he will not give up the football philosophy associated with his name even when facing defeats, when asked by reporters in England about the possibility of changing tactics.

Therefore, Kevin De Bruyne was considered risky by the Sun newspaper (UK) when making statements related to his teacher’s football views.

“You need to fight to impose your style,” said the Belgian international.

De Bruyne also revealed that Guardiola was shocked when facing teams that play long balls in the Premier League: `What surprised Pep the most in England was the fact that there are still many opponents who mainly play long balls when meeting Man City.`

“Sometimes, Pep should ask himself what all these facts show.

De Bruyne advised Guardiola to adjust his tactics

De Bruyne complies with the coach’s instructions, but thinks Guardiola should change.

But De Bruyne also said that Pep is always clear about his tactics before each match: `I am discussed about my role about two hours before each match.

Pep Guardiola had great success when he led Barca with the `Tiki-taka` style of play, a school that prioritizes ball control and accurate short passes, combined with rhythmic movement.

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