10 misconceptions about traveling to Kenya
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10 misconceptions about traveling to Kenya

Kenya is completely different from what many people imagine about a country in remote Africa.

The weather is hot, the terrain is mainly desert

Although located in the middle of the equator, due to its terrain near the sea and highlands, Kenya’s temperature is as cool all year round as Da Lat in Vietnam, about 15 – 25 degrees Celsius. Kenya has many beautiful beaches,

The lush green savannahs in Kenya.

Terrorism, looting

Insecurity mainly occurs on the northern border with Somalia and targets crowded areas.

Ebola disease, MERS epidemic, yellow fever

In fact, Ebola broke out in 2014 in four West African countries within a 6-hour flight from Kenya and the disease was also extinguished.

The MERS epidemic originated from camels in Saudi Arabia (Middle East) and broke out in Korea.

Yellow fly fever is only found in some backward West African countries, far away from Kenya.

Kenya is located in a remote location, requiring transit flights in other countries

From March 31, Kenya Airlines has direct flights Hanoi – Nairobi with 3 flights per week, on the most modern aircraft in the world – Boeing 787. Just sleep for 9 hours and you will be in Nairobi and vice versa.

It will take a lot of time, cost, and effort to get a visa

It only costs 50 USD for a visa at the arrival airport (visa on arrival).

10 misconceptions about traveling to Kenya

Visitors can easily see herds of zebras on the cool grass fields.

The tour program is boring, nothing but watching animals, like going on Safari in some Asian countries.

The Kenya tour program is very interesting and new.

Hotels in Kenya are very shabby and dirty

In Kenya there are many luxury resorts.

10 misconceptions about traveling to Kenya

The hotel is like a boat in the middle of wild nature.

Tourism services in Kenya are very poor, passenger vehicles are old and worn out

On the contrary, travel services in Kenya are very professional.

Kenyan cuisine is very difficult to eat

Kenyan food is very fresh, delicious and has many European dishes to choose from.

Kenya is a French colony and people speak poor English

Most Kenyans can speak English very well as their mother tongue due to being a British colony and English being a mandatory language.

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